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About Us

Founded in 2012, FitnessGrab is one of the newest fitness equipment companies in the United States. We are a dedicated online community of fitness geeks, and online store offering the best possible reviews, customer service, and strive to meet your every need.


  • Top of the line fitness equipment
  • All our employees are home gym experts
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Over 60 hard working staff members in our call center
  • Online discussion forums
  • Private messaging reviews between members
  • 24 Hour Customer Support

Though we are new to the fitness industry, FitnessGrab has the absolute best equipment and top-notch fitness experts to answer your questions. We believe in fitness equipment that has powerful, useful, and community-based feedback that is unparalleled anywhere else on the internet. There are too many online fitness gimmicks, that over charge and steal your money. Don't waste you money, buy sustainable, well-priced, quality products from FitnessGrab.com

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